A make-or-buy decision is a decision made using cost-benefit to make a strategic choice between manufacturing a product or purchasing it from a supplier (also known as outsourcing). Such decisions arise when a manufacturing company faces declining capacity, has problems with existing suppliers, or sees changing demand.

Costs incurred during product development (at our expense)

✔️ Production costs;

✔️ Additional labor costs;

✔️ Expense monitoring;

✔️ Storage costs;

✔️ Waste Costs;

Product purchase costs (outsourcing)

✔️ Product purchase price;

✔️ Sales tax expenses;

✔️ Transportation costs;

✔️ Costs of storage of reserves;

✔️Order value;

📌  Management of relations with suppliers (Vendor management)

📆  Date: August 22 – 24 (10-hour program)

🗣Trainer: Elgun Mahammadalizada (Agrotrade Supply LLC – Group Procurement Director)