Online Courses

Learn Warehousing processes from A to Z
Identify and Analyze Business Models,
Business Strategies and, corresponding
Competitive Advantage.
Formulate and implement
Warehouse Best Practices and Strategies
Warehousing automation
Plan Warehouse and Logistics operations for optimum utilization of resources

Describe the principles of effective procurement, procurement process, and the role of procurement strategy
Understand the activities associated with effective procurement projects
Conduct procurement planning and stakeholder management
Write specifications and effective terms of reference (TOR)
Choose appropriate procurement methods (RFQ, ITB, RFP)
Select procurement method and type of competition
Understand do’s and don’ts when drafting bidding documents
Invite and evaluate bids and proposals
Practice ethics and integrity in procurement
Understand what rules and procedures apply to private and public procurement
Appreciate the relevance of these rules and understand why they exist
Choose a procurement strategy

Learning Transport Logistics processes from A to Z.
Azerbaijan Customs System.
Organization of International Transportation
Key participants in International Transportation (associations, forwarders, carriers, agents etc.)
Modes of transport (Road Freight; Railway; Air Freight; Sea Freight; Multimodal transportation Incoterms 2020
International Transportation Regulations; Conventions; Legislation
Main documents required for Organization of International Transportation and their functions Cargo Classification Customs
Main customs rules for International transportation
Customs Conventions
Customs control, main principles and functions of customs authorities
Azerbaijan customs legislation
Main documents required for customs clearance Customs procedures (detailed explanations of 14 procedures)
Harmonized commodity system
Legal methods of determination of customs value
Types of customs tariffs, fees, costs and taxation Calculation of customs taxes
Customs declaration types and filling rules
Customs Risks Evaluation system “Green Corridor”
Customs brokerage functions

Learning program for non-finance professionals / valuable insights into important financial areas relevant for business decision-making and honing critical skills, essential for making sound financial decisions.
The basics of working capital management;
Budgeting and forecasting as an effective financial management.

Incoterms 2020 – rules and standards in international and domestic trade.
The Incoterms 2020 Course is designed to provide a working knowledge of the ICC’s premier international trading tool.
The Incoterms® Rules 2020 – a set of 11 regularly-used standard trading terms in international trade.

Learn to use E-gov public procurement tendering platform system
Announcing tenders through E-tendering platform
Significance of e-procurement

Strategic focus
Long term view of category strategy
Clearly defined category portfolio with identifiable synergies between sub-categories
Sufficient degree of focus and specialization in terms of time and resources
Well documented and clearly articulated category strategy
Proactive influencing of stakeholder behaviors and internal demand
Proactive pre-positioning of category to take advantage of supply market shifts

Leadership skills
Communication skills
Time Management
Conduct a briefing
Train the Trainers
Problem resolution
F&B Revenue Management
True hospitality
Service styles
Room Service
Banquet, Event Service

Definition – what are negotiations, which negotiations are considered “effective”
Types of procurement negotiations
Stages of the negotiation process:
Strategy types and results of negotiations:
Negotiation tactics
Typical negotiation errors
Methods of persuading partners

Forms of tendering
The tendering process
Tendering commission
Tender recommendation

What is Vendor Management for
General Information about VM
Types and Components of VM
Pareto Analysis
Kraljic Matrix
Carter’s 10 C Model
Importance of Vendor Evaluation
Pros and Cons of Vendor Evaluation
Pre-qualification and post – qualification (post appraisal)
Identifying Key Perfomance Indicators for Vendors
KPI Implementation