Date: 18 December 2019

On December 18, 2019, AmCham Procurement WG held a meeting on Data and its contribution to procurement efficiency and reporting.

Meeting started with the speech of Mrs. Natavan Mammadova, Executive Director of AmCham Azerbaijan, who thanked all participants and guests for taking the time to participate the AmCham PWG Meeting. She highlighted and rated PWG’s efforts in 2019 and announced that the PWG will become a Procurement Committee effective January 2020.

Then, Mr. Kanan Tabasaranskiy, Chair/Moderator PWG, shared the results of activity of AmCham PWG.

With the support of PWG and due to its active procurement focused work, they achieved productive outcomes ranging from the Creation and Implementation of E-Procurement Platform for Public Procurement, prepared and represented Position Paper, also introduced 65 amendments in Public Procurement Law. He also gave brief information about the plans for the year 2020.

Afterwards, Mr. Murad Rzayev, Product & Services Section Procurement Manager at Azercell, presented a quick review of Supply Chain Management process, and opportunities of SCM analytics, aggregation and parameters of demand planning and about the importance of accuracy in a warehouse operation, inventory procedure.

Next panel speaker, Mr. Farhad Parvizi, Bloom Group Advisory Circle, touched upon the topics such as “The death of Supply Chain Management”, shared detailed information about the “Artificial Intelligent”, demand forecasting perspectives, bid evaluation, evaluation methodologies and about the prevention of fraud in procurement.

Mr. Anar Rustamov, Consultant at Smart Solutions, familiarized the participants with the Data Leadership, the trend in Business strategy (Data strategy), how to increase cost-effectiveness, improve efficiency/transparency and foster profitable growth.

Then, Mr. Teymur Ordukhanov, Technical Director at Smart Solutions, revealed: an extensive practice of Smart Solutions in preparation of Master Data before ERP implementation, introduced the major pain points of Master Data, how to resolve them by ERP implementation and automation;

Digitalization challenges – what difficulties should be resolved to digitalization challenges to achieve the digitalization;

Key points for success of the procurement process automation.

Mr. Goshkar Hasanov, CPO at Azerconnect, briefed on  a real example, based on his own and his team’s experience how to monitor the Procurement performance, indirect procurement statistics and sourcing, savings and related statistics. At the end of the meeting Mr. Tabasaranskiy thanked the panel speakers and all the guests for their participation and has informed that the next meeting in the format of the Conference with the split to Public Sector Procurement and Private Sector Procurement is planned for February-March 2020.